YuleLog for Web
Note: YuleLog for Web has not been officially launched yet. We will send registered users an announcement when it is available.

What is YuleLog for Web?

YuleLog for Web is a program that lets you manage your Hallmark and Department 56 collections in a web browser or on your mobile device. It is a cloud-based, multi-platform application. This just that means all of your changes are synced over the internet automatically across your devices.
YuleLog for Web can be accessed via a web browser or as a mobile app.

How can I get help using the program?

This documentation is to help you learn how to use the basic features of YuleLog for Web. You can navigate this page by using the menu on the left hand side of the screen. The manual includes text, images, and video demonstrations.
You must make sure to carefully read how to use YuleLog. Not doing so could result in a loss of collection information.
Last modified 1yr ago