Frequently asked questions about YuleLog for Web

I have used the desktop version of YuleLog for years. How do I get my collection onto YuleLog for Web?

In order to transfer your collection to YuleLog for Web from older versions of the program, contact us at [email protected] Include your backup file (backup.fmp12) as an email attachment.

What's the Different Between the Web and Mobile Version?

Both versions allow you to view and search for items in your collection, but the web and mobile versions also have their own specific features.
If you subscribed to YuleLog for Web, you automatically have access to both the web and mobile versions of the software.
The web browser version allows you to generate more detailed reports. If you want to generate a report and print it, you might want to use the web browser version of YuleLog. For some users, it might also be faster to add ornaments on the web browser, as it is more similar to the legacy version of YuleLog.
The mobile version allows you to search for items in the price guide via barcode by using your mobile device's camera. You can also easily take photos of the items in your collections and save them to your database.
Web Version
Mobile Version
Google Chrome
iOS 13+ iPad/iPhone
  • More advanced reporting
  • Add items more quickly
  • Search for items in Price Guide via barcode
  • Easily take your own photos of items in your collection
  • Take your collection or access the Price Guide anywhere with you

Do I need an internet connection to use YuleLog?

Yes. You will need an internet connection to access your collection. The program does not work when offline, so if you are not connected to the internet on your computer or on your mobile device, you will be unable to access your collection.

Is YuleLog available for Android?

Not yet, but it will be. YuleLog has developed features for iOS first over Android, but we very much want Android users to be able to manage their collection on their devices as well. There is not set timeline for YuleLog for Android, but we are targeting 2021.