Subscription Types
How to access Hallmark and Department 56 price guides
Subscription type determines which price guides you have access to. Currently, there are two price guides available: Hallmark and Department 56. You can choose which price guide you subscribe to, or subscribe to both.
There are two ways to subscribe to YuleLog:

Web Browser

At you can subscribe with any credit card via your web browser or with Google Pay via Chrome or Apple Pay via Safari. YuleLog uses Stripe, a secure payment system, to handle subscriptions via web browser.

iOS Device

The iOS version of YuleLog requires you to subscribe through the YuleLog app via the App Store on your iPhone or iPad. For information on how to manage your iOS subscriptions, please see this page.
The only way to upgrade your subscription is on the platform you originally subscribed on. This means that if you originally subscribed via web browser, you can only upgrade via your web browser. If you originally subscribed to YuleLog via your iPhone or iPad, you can only upgrade your subscription on one of these devices.
Note that this restriction only applies to upgrading your subscription. As a subscriber, you can access both the web browser version and the iOS version with your login information.

YuleLog for Hallmark

Price: $35.00 / year
Items in Price Guide: 13,000+

YuleLog for Department 56

Price: $25.00 / year
Items in Price Guide: 7,000+

YuleLog for Hallmark + Department 56

Price: $45.00 / year
Items in Price Guides: 13,000 (Hallmark) + 7,000 (Department 56)
Last modified 1yr ago