This section lists the various buttons you will see when using the program. A description is provided for the function of each button and field.

Add to Collection

When you have chosen all of the items from the Price Guide that you want to add, click on the Add To Collection Button. You will be presented with a list of the items that you have chosen. If you wish to remove any from the list, click on the check box to deselect that item.


Clicking on this button will take back to the previous screen.

Column Header

Clicking on must column headings will sort items in a list view by that column heading.

Compare Photos

Clicking on this button will let you compare a photo you pasted in to the YuleLog provided photo and allow you to delete your photo if you wish.


Deletes the selected item from the database.


Takes you to a blank Find Screen that will allow you to search for a particular item within your database. After you enter in your search criteria and click on the Find button, the items that match your search criteria will be displayed.

Form View

Switches from List View to Form View. In the Form View, you will be able to see and edit all of the details for a specific item.

Hide Photo

Clicking on this button will take you to an alternative view of a list that does not include photos. The advantage to this is that the view without photos will allow more items to be seen on the screen at one time, and will usually scroll faster.

Jump to Year

To quickly see the price guide items from a particular year, click on the Jump to Year button. You will be presented with a list of all of the years included in the Price Guide. Click in the small circle next to the year and click on the Jump button. The Price Guide will then only display items from that year. To see all items in the Price Guide again, click on the List All button.

Last, Previous, Next, and First

These “navigation” buttons move you though the database one item at a time or let you jump to the first or last item.

List All

This button will show all of the items for a particular collection or database. After a search, only part of the items in a data base are shown. If you want to see all of the items, click on the List All Button.

List View

Switches from Form View to List View. In the List View, you will be able to see a list of all the items in a DataBase. Note that a little black bar at the far left of an item in the list, indicates which item is selected. This is the item that will be displayed if you click on the Form View Button or the item that will be deleted if you click on the Delete Button.


Allows you to add a new item to the database.

Perform Find

Used to perform a Find after the criteria have been entered. Don’t Use the Find button in the Status Area. YuleLog creates a found set of the records matching the criteria in the find requests and displays those records in the List View. If you use the Find Button in the Status Area, you will find records from every collection and will not be taken to the proper display screen.

Price Guide Check Box

Clicking in a check box will place an X in the check box to indicate that an item has been selected. Clicking on a box with an X already in it, will remove the X. This is used in the price guide to indicate that an item is to be added to one of the collections.


Allows you to print the current Form, List, or Report.


Takes you to a Report Menu that will allow you to select from different Reports. This allows you to view and print information from your database in different ways.

Return to Collection

Takes you to the list of Collections. When you are finished adding or editing the list of Collectors, click here to get back to the list of Collections.

Return to Collection Without Adding

If you have been browsing the Price Guide and decide that you do not want to add any new items to any of the collections, click on this button to simply return to the collection items data base. Any items that might have been checked will have their check boxes cleared.

Show Photo

If there is an alternative view of a list that includes photos, clicking on this button will change to the view with photos.


Clicking here will sort a list by the column heading.

Transfer Collection Ownership

Takes you to the transfer ownership screen. Allows you to transfer the ownership of an entire collection from one collector to another. All of the items associated with a collector, collection, or collector/collection combination will be transferred to wherever you choose.

Work With Items in Collection

Takes you from the Collector database to the ornament database. You will then be able to view and edit the individual items that make up that collection.

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