Price Guide

How to use the Price Guide to find information about particular ornaments and add them to your collection

The best way to add ornaments to your collection database is to find them in the Price Guide and then let YuleLog add them to your collection. Using this method, you can create a fairly complete list without ever typing a letter. To get to the Price Guide, click on the Price Guide button at the top center of the Ornament Details Screen. You will see the following screen:

Adding an Item from Price Guide to Your Collection

Once you find the ornaments you want to add to your collection, click in the check box at the left of the list to mark them. When you have chosen all you want to add, click on the Add To Collection Button. You will be presented with a list of the items that you have chosen. If you wish to remove any from the list, click on the delete button next to the item you want removed.

You can set the status of an item to Own, Wanted, For Sale, Sold, In Layaway, or On Order, when you add it from the Price Guide.

You can also assign a Collector/Collection to this ornament. You can either assign the Status/Collector/Collection to an item individually, or you can assign a Status/Collector/Collection in bulk to all of the items in the list by using the fields and buttons at the bottom right of the screen.

Click on the Add button at the bottom of the screen, and the checked ornaments will be added to your personal collection.

(If you don’t want to add any ornaments at this time, click on Cancel and then click on the Return to List Without Adding button to get back to the Ornament Details Screen.)

The item’s number, year, name, artist (if available), and price guide information will be included. You will then be looking at the Ornament List screen. Click on the item’s to get back to the Ornament Details Screen. You can now step through each new ornament and add any Comments, Descriptions, Purchase Dates, Size, or Type Details that you want.

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