The Utilities Menu has several tools that allow you to save, open, and delete collections. This section explains the functions of each of these buttons:

Toggle Menu Bar

Show or hide the Menu Bar, which allows you access to more advanced menus of the applications (File, Edit, View, Insert, Format, Records, Scripts, Window, Help)

Turn Off AutoEntry

If you click this button, "QX" will no longer be automatically entered in the Box Number field of the Find screens.

Turn On AutoEntry:

If you click this button, "QX" will be automatically entered in the Box Number field of the Find screens.

Save Backup Files

YuleLog will export a copy of your database. YuleLog also prompts you to save a copy of your backup files every time you exit the program.

Restore from Backup Files

If you have a copy of your backup file you wish to restore, click the "Restore from Backup Files” button. You will be prompted to drag and drop your backup.fmp12 into a container field.

Transfer Collection Ownership

If you wish to transfer ownership of a collection, click the “Transfer Collection Ownership” button. You will be guided through the process to transfer ownership.

Import Ornament File

This button takes you to a screen where you can import an ornament file released by YuleLog halfway through the year to add items that were missing from the software on release.

Name and Address Change

If you wish to change the name and address of your copy of YuleLog, click the “Name and Address Changes” button and enter your updated information in the fields that appear.

Reset YuleLog

To delete all records and start YuleLog from scratch, click the “Reset YuleLog” button. You will be returned to the installation screen. Note that this will delete your collection information, so have a copy of your backup.fmp12 saved if you want to preserve your work!

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