Work With Collection

This is the central point of YuleLog. It is a collection of Data Entry Fields, Buttons, and Folder Tabs. To go to a particular field simply click on it. To move to the next field, use the Tab key. Use Shift-Tab to move to the previous field. Information for the items that have been added to a collection, can be viewed in different ways by using the four Folder Tabs.

Description Tab

The Description Tab displays the Ornament Details Screen, which contains descriptive details about each item in your collection(s).

Price Information Tab

The Price Information Tab displays financial information for an item.

Multiples Tab

The Multiples Tab shows information for items of which you have more than one.

Reports Tab

The Reports Tab takes you to the Reports Menu, where you can select from several pre-defined reports that allow you to view and print the information about your collection in many useful ways.

When you choose one of the reports, YuleLog will perform a search to find the items that should be displayed and then it will display the “Browse Mode“ version of the selected report. To see what a report will look like when it is printed, choose Preview from the popup list at the bottom of the screen. Choose Browse to return from the Preview Mode.

YuleLog will let you choose which items to display in the Inventory Report. Only items marked “Wanted” will show up in the Wish List, only items marked “For Sale” will show up in the For Sale Report and only items marked “Sold" will show up in the Sold List. All other reports will display the found set.

The Wish List can be printed before going shopping for new ornaments. Carry the list with you and check off the items as you find them. When you get back, pull up the list on your computer and change them from “Wanted” to “Own”. Click on the words Purchase Price, and YuleLog will automatically enter the box price. Click on the words Purchase Date, and YuleLog will enter today’s date.

At the bottom of the For Sale Report screen you will see a button labeled Export. This will let you export your For Sale list so that you can past it into email or Bulletin Boards. Click Export and you will see a dialog box that will let you save the list in several formats.

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