Software License Agreement

(1). Installing YuleLog signifies that you agree to adhere to the terms of this software license agreement. If you don’t agree, return the disk package and everything else for a full refund. Digital download sales are final, and will not be refunded.

(2). YuleLog Software retains the copyright protection for this product. This software is specially coded with your name and other information, and a unique serial number. Under copyright laws, you agree not to make copies of the software or any of the related material to anyone. It is against the law to make illegal copies. (You may make a backup copy for yourself for safekeeping.) There’s a good reason for this: We cannot stay in business if everyone already has a free copy! Also, we cannot continue to improve our product, offer technical support, and make upgrades and improvements available to you if everyone has a free copy. Our strategy is to keep the price as low as possible to discourage copying.

(3). This software is sold “AS IS”. If the physical DVD or digital download is bad, we’ll replace it. If anything else goes wrong, it’s not our responsibility. For example, if the software or instructions have problems and something goes wrong, such as you losing all of your important data on your computer, we are not responsible. Also, we are not responsible for any tort, indirect, special or consequential damages such as loss of profits, goodwill, damage to your computer, etc. Some states don’t allow this disclaimer, so in those cases, our liabilities shall be limited to a refund of the list price, or what you paid for it (whichever is less).

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