Navigation Bar

The Navigation Bar is a collection of fields and buttons that allow you to perform various functions required to work with your collection.

Collector Name Field

Tells you the collector with which an ornament is associated. It is a drop-down menu that allows you to choose from a list of collectors.

Collection Field

Tells you which collection an ornament is associated with. It is a drop-down menu that allows you to choose from a list of collections.

Price Guide Button

Takes you to the YuleLog Price Guide so that you may add items to your collection(s).

Takes you to the Main Menu of YuleLog

Utilities Menu Button

Takes you to the YuleLog Utilities Menu where you can perform several functions related to upgrading, registering, or resetting your software.

Quit Button

Exits the YuleLog program. This is the proper way to stop using YuleLog. It performs an orderly shutdown that helps to insure the safety of your data.

List View Button

Takes you to a list of the items in a collection. This way you can see more items at one time and quickly scroll though the list.

Show All Button

Shows every record of every item of every collector and collection.

Find Button

Takes you to the Find Screen where you can search for a particular item or a group of items that meet particular criteria.

Show Me Button

Takes you to the Show Me screen where you can choose which collector, collection, or collector/collection combination you wish to view.

New Button

Creates a new, blank record. Use this if you want to add an item that you cannot find from the Price Guide.

First, Previous, Next, and Last Buttons

These navigation buttons move you though the database one item at a time or let you jump to the first or last item.

Delete Button

Deletes the current item from your collection. Note that the item will still be listed in the Price Guide if you need to add it back later. However, any extra information such as purchase price, location information, or comments will be deleted, and you will have to add it again.

Help Button

Tells you where to look for help using YuleLog. Includes a link to the manual you are reading right now!

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