Instructions for installing the Full Version of YuleLog for Mac via DVD.

  1. Insert the YuleLog 2023 DVD into your computer

  2. Open the Finder

  3. Double Click on the YuleLog 2023 DVD

  4. Open the Mac folder

  5. Open YuleLog2023(Hallmark).dmg

  6. After verification, drag the YuleLog ornament icon to the Applications folder in the window that comes up

  7. After the program is done copying, open it from your Applications folder

  8. You will be presented with a form to fill out. This Name and Address Form should be filled out with the information you want to appear on any reports you generate. After completing this form, click on the Continue button to get to the opening screen.

  9. When prompted, click the button labeled NEW INSTALLATION

  10. You should then be taken to the Main Menu and you can begin managing your collection! We suggest you start by adding items from the Price Guide to your collection.

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