Instructions for installing the Update Version of YuleLog for Windows via Download.

Save Backup files

  1. Before installing the update, run YuleLog 2022.

  2. At the opening screen, click the Utilities button.

  3. Click on the Save Backup Files button.

  4. This will save a copy of your ornaments in a file called backup.fmp12 that you will need later on.

  5. Quit YuleLog 2022.

Installing YuleLog

All of the necessary files are included in the YuleLog 2023 Zip folder you downloaded from Shopify. To begin installation, right click and choose Extract All. Click Extract on the box that pops up.

  1. After you have extracted the file, double click on yulelog2023hallmarksetup.exe

  2. YuleLog must be installed in the Documents folder. Follow this step carefully

  3. When you get to the screen that asks where you want to install, click on the Browse button

  4. Select Users

  5. Double Click on your login name. Double click on Documents. Click Continue and this should install YuleLog in your Documents folder.

Click Browse at this screen:

Click Users > Your Name > Documents and click OK

Starting YuleLog and Importing Backup File

  1. Go to your Documents folder. Double Click on the YuleLog 2023 (Hallmark) folder. Double click on the icon titled YuleLog 2023 (Hallmark). The icon is a purple ornament:

  2. You can also start the program by clicking the YuleLog 2023 (Hallmark) shortcut on the desktop if you chose to create one.

  3. You will be presented with a form to fill out. This Name and Address Form should be filled out with the information you want to appear on any reports you generate. After completing this form, click on the Continue button to get to the opening screen.

  4. The first time you run YuleLog, you will see a screen asking if this is a new installation or if you are updating. Click on the button labeled UPDATING FROM OLDER VERSION

  5. FOLLOW THE ON-SCREEN INSTRUCTIONS. You will be prompted to drag the backup.fmp12 file you saved earlier to a container field in the YuleLog 2022 program. All you have to do is drag and drop your file to this field.

  6. Click the Import Backup File button (make sure your backup.fmp12 file is in the container field!). Your backup file will be imported and you can resume managing your collection!

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